G.Kabirski brand offers jewelry made by an auteur designer German Kabirski. His inspiration stems from the very idea of creating without regard for traditional forms and styles. Kabirski’s “rugged” art throws away the crutches of conventional production methods, it appears from air, clay and sea foam. You are on the edge of a cliff, and the only thing that keeps you from falling is that abstraction – as evanescent as Cheshire Cat’s smile – of a doughnut hole, which is still there even after the doughnut has been eaten.

But enough of theorizing. Kabirski’s favorite image is a cockroach, a critter that only knows most primitive instincts. This is how Tyler Knox describes it:

A cockroach, an arthropod of the genus Blatella and of the species Germanica, awakens one morning from atypically dreamless sleep. Cockroaches do not think, they either do something or don’t. When the cockroach lies still under the kitchen cupboard, there isn’t a single thought in its head. Cockroaches simply wait for an impulse to act as instincts tell them to.

Not unlike us sometimes. Because cockroaches occupy far corners of our conscience, and some of them are even bending us to their inexplicable will.

Kabirski experiments with materials and forms a lot. He uses exotic wood (african, ebony, mahogany, snakewood), he plays with silver textures. He combines gems with everything, from silver, gold and wood to leather and reptile skeletons. The end result is quite far from traditional jewelry. Kabirski creates small installations with their unique and sometimes wild energy.

Kabirski’s aesthetics exist outside of the traditional concepts of the beautiful and the ugly. Whatever seems hideous today always has a seed of harmony in it, and that harmony may not always be immediately recognized. Kabirski’s art doesn’t try to make you form ideas, it merely reflects your own ideas and images. That’s why his work feels so personal. But to feel that, you need to be yourself. Not living according to someone else’s empty concepts, not getting used to common standards, not becoming another brick in the fashion industry wall. Kabirski’s jewelry is like a distorted mirror, the one true egoists and narcissists cannot take their eyes off.

The sign above the entrance to Hermann Hesse’s Magic Theatre read: Not for everybody. Madmen only. Price of Admission: your mind.

Kabirski’s freak theatre is a frequent guest on various international expositions, and he has a lot of design awards. People who buy his jewelry come from all over the world – Australia, United States, Germany, Poland, Russia, Italy, Spain, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, Thailand. And this list is constantly growing.